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Speaking 003 (The sports you enjoy)

Speaking 003 (The sports you enjoy)

Part 1

Traffic where you live

How do most people travel to work where you live?
Most people in my place travel to work using public transport system.  We have both government and private bus services that are very efficient and frequent. The bus fares are also quiet moderate, and that makes it the favourite mode of travel for ordinary people to go to work.  People, who go to longer distances to work, usually make use of trains.  We have a number of short distance trains, which are very inexpensive.  A lot of people also have their own private vehicles to go to work.  Most young people have their own motor bikes.  The more affluent go to work by car. 

What traffic problems are there in your area?
Traffic problems are quite frequent in my area, especially during the peak hours of morning and evening, when people travel to work or study and back.  Many roads are very narrow and cannot hold the increasing traffic volume at a time.  So traffic moves at a snail’s pace, especially during the rush hours.  There are also a lot of puddles on the roads especially during the rainy season and manoeuvring them would further slow the traffic down.   There are constant repairs on the roads which are both slow and ineffective and traffic is often diverted through narrower roads making the situation still worse.

How do traffic problems affect you?
Traffic problems affect me very badly.  I need to reach work on time and very often the unexpected traffic snarls and jams do not let me do it.  I have made it a point that I start a bit earlier from home, so that these unexpected delays do not affect me much.  Another problem is that driving in high gear in the traffic jam, exhausts your fuel tank very fast.

How would you reduce the traffic problems in your area?
The first thing that the government should do is to widen the roads with immediate effect and that can definitely reduce the problem tremendously.  Another area that the authorities can look into is to engage a big company to construct roads that can last for a longer period of time.   It would definitely reduce the constant repairs on roads.  People also should be made to obey traffic rules very strictly.

Part 2

Describe a game or sport you enjoy playing.

You should day:
What kind of game or sport it is
Who you play it with
Where you play it
And explain why you enjoy playing it. 

In fact I don’t play any games at the moment, because I don’t have the time or opportunity for it.  It is very difficult for you to play a game once you get out of your school or college.  There are very few playgrounds for the public in our area.

May be, I will talk about the game I played when I was in college.  I was very interested in soccer, and I played in the forward line.  It was usually played in the evening when the sun was not very warm and that preserved a lot of your energy.  I hope you know that football requires a great deal of running and if it is very hot your steam will run out fast. 

I usually played with my college mates.  We would break into two teams and sometimes the numbers would vary from seven to twelve, depending on the number of people who were interested in playing the game.  It always used to be great fun to play with your mates in a very friendly atmosphere.  Since everybody knew each other there were hardly any hard tackling or rough play.  Everybody enjoyed the spirit of the game.

We played in the football ground, just in front of our college.  It was quite a big ground and so we had to run around a lot, but that gave us a lot of physical fitness.

I enjoyed playing soccer because there was a thrill in scoring goals and winning.  You kept improving with every game and that gave you a great deal of motivation and competitive spirit.  Even during the day, when you were not playing you kept thinking about the game.  So it was great fun and I always waited for the evenings to play soccer.

Discussion topics:

Children’s games

How have games changed from the time when you were a child?
Games have changed tremendously over the years.  When we were children the standard of the game or the players was not as good as it is today.  Moreover, newer rules have been introduced to make it more appealing to television audiences.  I think the speed of the game has considerably increased.  There is much more money in sports and games today, so more and more young people are interested in making it a full time career.  That was not the case when I was a child.

Do you think this has been a positive change? Why?
Yes, it has definitely been a positive change in all ways.  Games have become more popular and players get much better rewards.  Televised games have made it possible for people to watch games in the comfort of their homes rather than going to a stadium.  Watching games has become a very easy affair.  Overall, the standard of the game has improved.

Why do you think children like playing games?
Children are physically very active and you can’t keep them idle for a long time.  They always like to be with their friends, playing some games.  Psychologically, at their age they can’t think of engaging in a serious activity for a long time.  Playing games would occupy them time in a very effective way; otherwise they are going to create some mischief at home.


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